If it takes two, I'm betting on you to hold me tight when tides are high. what'll you do? 
I'm waiting on you to dry these tears you made me cry...


Feet colder than the snow that choked the city
My wings too wild to clip and cage around me

So maybe I'm "selfish" for being an actor
Pretending to gather
when I am the hunter

Or maybe I'm wicked.. an Eve to the apple
or maybe I'm hungry for more than I've got.
All I know is I've got to..

Runaway (run run run) x4

They tell me, "temper temper, little lady.
Better bite that tongue. It is not becoming"

My blood boils rapids to break the levy.
Yea, let it keep on running (running)

And maybe I'm crazy
for claiming my freedom.
For loving and leaving.
A sick little heathen.

It could be so simple:
a prick and a thimble
equipped with a map and a guide to decide..
all I know is I've got to...

Runaway (run run run) x4

No you don't know me, and I don't know myself. You better lose me now before I lose myself...
And you don't love me. And I don't love myself.
You better lose me now before I lose myself.